Mealtimes always starts up this clean for self-feeders! 😂 We have been spoon-feeding baby Luna with mashed veggies and thought she wasn’t a foodie cos she only eats small portions and refuses after a few spoons. She gets bored waiting in her high chair too while we’re still eating. Well, turns out she wants to self-feed! 😛

I’ve been delaying our #blwjourney cos I thought she’s not ready yet as she gags quite often (or maybe she just doesn’t like her mashed food 🤢). Also cos I wasn’t ready for all the mess yet too. 😅 We started with #blw last week and she has been staying longer on her high chair, happily eating and exploring the different textures of her food! She’s currently a certified frutarian and broccoli is the only veggie she likes. 🥭🍓🥑🥦
Good thing we have this toddler feeding set from @heorshe_singapore to minimize the mess and make feeding time easier and more convenient. It is very durable and unbreakable as it is made with high quality food-grade silicone which is also easy to clean. Both the plate and bowl have large suction base to prevent them from tipping over. The set also comes with silicone cup and free twistable spoon & fork which will come in handy when we can finally eat out! I think Luna likes the pretty color combination too! 🤩

Also in the photos is Luna’s dental sippy cup from the same store. Yes, she knows how to drink from this sippy cup already but that deserves another post! 😉