Like every parents we were so excited to introduce water to Eddie when he turned 6 month old. Every baby is unique & transition to first sippy cup, open cup happens at their own pace ❤️

But while babies are getting teeth, this process can be painful. For water initially We tried many different brand bottles, sippy cup, silicone open cup (but he wanted independence while drinking water as open cups not spill proof so I had to hold that), sometimes spoon feeding too finally Eddie picked up on @heorshe_singapore dental care sippy cups bcz easy to grip , the design gives liberty to hold anyway and drink bcz 360 degree weighted straw follows the liquid. Also I don’t have to bother while he is holding the sippy cup bcz it’s teething friendly too 😂🙈

Also it fills the gap between sippy cup and open cup. As Eddie is practicing drinking from open cup too, we using @heorshe_singapore silicone open cup for that❤️

They are designed considering tooth order closely, designing a unique straw, with a “small wing” to help baby uniformly distribute the applied force while they are sucking.

Features of the dental cup:
✔️ It helps to reduce the pressure on each tooth and the jaw, so that baby’s teeth can grow in a healthy way and can prevent the risk of teeth misalignment.
✔️ Anti colic valves to prevent ingesting air
✔️ Easy to grip, clean, flexible, BPA free.
✔️ Microwave & top rack dishwasher safe
✔️ 6month+ & 9+ variants.
✔️ They have wide neck milk bottles for babies, teether, feeding set too. Please do checkout their website ❤️