“I didn’t just see it as my belly getting bigger, I saw it as my baby getting bigger,” said Chloe, who has a 1-year-old daughter. “The best part about pregnancy was that it gave me ample time to prepare for post birth challenges and to connect with my baby beforehand. I started to talk, sing to the bump, and I painted my belly in order to connect

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Heat Sensing Headset Design

The headset changes color to white when the content’s temperature exceeds 43℃/ 110℉. You never have to worry about hurting your baby and the temperature will always be just right.

Nature Feeding

The breast-like nipple shape of our bottle allows your baby to latch and easily compliments or supplements breast feeding.

-Easy-latch and transition between breast and bottle

-Mimics the flex, stretch and shape of mom’s breast

-Close to the mother’s areola color

360°Anti-ColicTMVent System&GRIP

All babies are unique and, while you cannot always choose how easily your baby will feed, you can choose the right bottle for them.

-The weighted straw allows to help reduce cramps, colic, reflux and burping

-The 360°weighted straw allowing baby to feed in any position

-Babies can feed and latch themselves with the hand grip

-The included brush is uniquely designed to make cleaning a breeze