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Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle

Every baby is unique, and we want to give them a beautiful start. I feel mummy, is the best feeling for a baby.

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Dental-Care Sippy Cup

Drinking water is a human instinct , something all babies know to do , but don’t know how to do. All babies are unique and will progress from bottle-feeding to their first sippy cup , independent drinking , and open cup drinking at their own pace. All the while , babies are getting new teeth , making this process difficult and sometime painful .

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Toddler Feeding Set

Our eco friendly kids plates are non-slip, a variety of colors can be customized, and are well received by parents at home and abroad.

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We tried many different brand bottles, sippy cup, silicone open cup (but he wanted independence while drinking water as open cups not spill proof so I had to hold that), sometimes spoon feeding too finally Eddie picked up on @heorshe_singapore dental care sippy cups bcz easy to grip , the design gives liberty to hold anyway and drink bcz 360 degree weighted straw follows the liquid. Also I don’t have to bother while he is holding the sippy cup bcz it’s teething friendly too 😂🙈

Nisha, Your Content Goes Here

👶🏻 Ellie has been a loyal fan of @heorshe_singapore dental care sippy cup & wristband teether for many months and we never looked back! She loves drinking water from her sippy cup and chewing on the teether Everyday! We have raved to many of our mummy friends and their babies enjoyed using it too!

Their sippy cup design is made to not only let the babies wean off milk bottle with ease and stayed hydrated, it also comes with tons of benefits – antibacterial properties, protects the little teeth from misalignment due to the soft & wide silicone sprout feature, anti colic valves, spill and leak proof, easy grip design for little hands, anti flow back as well! Just chew and suck! Importantly it allows drinking from any position due to the weighted straw! We absolutely loved it and uses two bottles (blue and pink) to alternate the usage!

Ruby Liang, Your Content Goes Here

Here’s Happy Melly with her latest Sippy Cup from @heorshe_singapore . I foresee this one is going to be her next favourite. If you don’t already know, Melly loves sippy cups and water bottles. Part of the reason why she loves them is because she loves to drink water. So weird to see this girl enjoying her plain water each time. She will really gulp the water down lol!

Diah Mastura, Your Content Goes Here

Sunday is a time to eat snacks n watch TV . I love to use heorshe for my food n water.

Sofie, Your Content Goes Here


All of our products are developed based on antibacterial technology, which can not only meet all the needs of babies for milk bottles, but also bring different wonderful experiences to parents.

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